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In 2016, SNGRL Consulting was founded with a vision to craft unique solutions to help our clients simplify their work flow and processes as they expand their businesses, streamline their strategies and goals as the funds may become less accessible or scarce, and finally sell that great product or service of theirs scoring high sales numbers. Our motto summaries that vision in fact; Si̇mplify, Streamline and Score! Our services mainly focus on, not limited to, change management, sales outsourcing, strategic procurement, B2B and B2C business development.

We are looking for talented individuals who stay focused and motivated even while working in his/her pyjamas, willingly adopt to sometimes ugly new realities, surprise us on a constant basis with his/her brilliance and of course deliver results. If you think your dream job is described below, and your credentials match the followings, then go ahead, send your resume to and surprise us with your application including a cover letter. Please rest assured we will invest the well deserved time on your application.

Job Description

  • Performing research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences, stay up to date with latest technologies and social media trends, find new social media opportunities

  • Develop and manage social media planning and strategy

  • Development of brand awareness and online reputation, generate, edit, publish and share engaging content

  • Create, budget and execute highly targeted social media advertising campaigns; manage spend, budget and invoicing

  • Monitor, track, analyze advertising performance, report on ROI

  • Ensure KPIs are met and drive real results

Skills & Qualifications

  • University degree in a relevant field

  • Excellent command of written and spoken English & German

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Higher understanding of Facebook and Instagram environment and users’ behavior. Deep knowledge of other platforms

  • Proficiency with Facebook Ads Manager.

  • Social media marketing/advertising experience of 5+ years is preferred

  • Understanding geotargeting and how social media behavior influenced by culture

  • Strong data analytics background with experience in digital media buying

  • A resourceful self-starter who can take initiative and follow through on projects

  • Someone who will (passionately or genuinely) enjoy introducing people to the right product they truly need through the content of great quality.

  • Detail-oriented with exceptional critical thinking, problem-solving abilities and strong organizational skills

  • Recognized as a truthful individual; admits mistakes and seeks to learn how to resolve conflicts

  • E-commerce experience is a plus

Thank you!


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