Change Management

You know you need it. And it is high time. We can help you first effectively communicate the need within your organisation and then execute the plan to reshape your organisation as you vision and as badly needed. Seamless transition is though, but not impossible.

Sales Outsourcing

We know your organisation can no longer afford not selling in Turkey. Well, you may also be concerned about the current political and financial dynamics. Yes, it is beyond your budget to have your own local set up and sales team. We will guide you through and find/form the right third party sales team. Or even act like one, if quite possibly projected.

Strategic Sourcing

We can help you create partnerships with your suppliers to achieve operational efficiency and cost savings while maintaining or even improving your quality level. Strategic sourcing aims to establish best practices across your organisation in terms of supplier relations, which can help you develop multi year contracts with standardised terms and conditions for new suppliers as well. It is important to remember strategic sourcing is a process, not a one-time project. It doesn’t focus only on the purchase price of a product or service, but it also analyses the total acquisition cost including inventory practices, internal policies and procedures, specifications, demand drives and etc… Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Business Development (B2B)

We help the companies be relevant to their target customers which is the most important thing to make the perfect first impression and capture attention. Remember everybody has that perfect product or service. You need beyond perfect, an edge.

Business Development (B2C)

We help our clients improve their online presence and image of their companies not only through web site development and content management, but also through digital marketing campaign design support, social media management, SEO and SEM. Our goal is to provide our clients with customised solutions so that they can introduce people/their customers to the right product they truly need through unique content of great quality.

Digital Marketing

We have experts in our team to design and manage social media ads, Google ads and influencer marketing activities for an effective performance marketing campaign to increase your brand awareness and/or bring in meaningful traffic for your online business. Get ready to become a superstar. Reach out to millions so that your product or service can be considered.

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